ICCS IT Services

Services provided for ICCS Professional and SARV/SBV server

For ICCS Professional and the ICCS SARV/SBV server we offer you individual customisation to your requirements, integration into your existing IT landscape, and training and support.


ICCS Professional extensions

In our experience, with the adoption of the ICCS Professional system all customer requirements are covered as standard. We expand the system to include any additional specialist functions you request.


Integration, interfaces and data migration

We safely integrate ICCS Professional and the ICCS SARV/SBV server into your existing IT landscape, and adapt all necessary interfaces to your external systems. If ICCS Professional is to replace an existing system, we deal with the migration of data for you, speedily and competently.


Service agreements for ICCS Professional

The telecommunications market is in constant movement. Procedures and regulations are introduced, and current ones are changed. ICCS Professional is being developed continuously, so as to meet these requirements at all times.



Flexibility, reliable availability and professionalism set our support service apart. We support you by phone, by email, remotely or on site - just as the situation demands.