Network operators often have to use subscriber connection lines (Teilnehmeranschlußleitungen, or TAL) leased from Deutsche Telekom AG (DTAG) for the "last mile", the direct connection to the customer after the last distribution box. The information exchange on leasing, management and fault clearing of the subscriber connection lines will in future be carried out via DTAG's WITA (Wholesale IT Architektur) interface. This replaces the current ESAA (leasing and management) interfaces/procedures and ESEP (fault clearing).

Enghouse Carrier-Services is offering the WITA Service Module which:

  • connects customer systems and processes optimally with the WITA interface
  • meets all technical requirements of the WITA interface
  • facilitates complete processing of all communication requirements for portation (in combination with the "PDA / Portation Data Exchange" module)


The WITA Service Model is available as a license product or as WITA Hosting Service „Software as a Service (SaaS)".