WBCI ProcessManager


If a customer wants to change his telephone provider, carriers still use the fax to facilite this. According to §46 TA carriers were obligated to organize this process more efficient and standardized. This is why the working group „change of provider“ has issued a specification concerning the change of providers.

The WBCI ProcessManager (WITA Based Carrier Interface) has been developed which sets out the process required for carriers to follow. This complete root and branch change is now specified in the automated WITA Based Carrier Interface.

With the WBCI ProcessManager from Enghouse Carrier-Services our customers are able to manage this prescribed process between carriers easily. The WBCI ProcessManager can be integrated into our ICCS or can be used independently.

Moreover the WBCI ProcessManager is available in the WBCI Hosting Service (WHS) as a „Software as a Service (SaaS)" within the carrier services of Enghouse Carrier-Services.


WBCI ProcessManager Cockpit