Hermes Porting Data Exchange


Hermes is a software which autonomously carries out the complete porting data exchange. Independent of the porting software you use at present, Hermes collects the data files (for example 1D, 1K, 1E-files) from all carriers who are involved in the porting data exchange. The software can be configured easily via an own graphical interface and thus can be adapted to your requirements.


The particular of Hermes is the fact that several porting identifications can be administrated in common. Thus, the porting data exchange can be mapped via one single software – for example for your second porting identification (NGN) as well as the complete handling of several carriers.


Due to the new requirements coming along with PDA 16, the legislative authority asks for a changeover of the communication connection from FTP to SFTP. However, you have to guarantee a parallel operation during a transitional period and Hermes will enable you to do so very easily.


Furthermore, additional security risks arise from the exchange of porting data via internet with SFTP. This fact has been respected in particular during the process of development and thus Hermes can be installed on a separate server which is only accessible via internet (DMZ). This server needs no connection whatsoever to the internal network.


In order to execute this concept, another software bolt-on, the Hermes-Connector, builds up the connection with Hermes and collects the data for the porting system respectively makes the porting data available on this server. Additionally, Hermes possesses a malware cleaner and thus respects highest security requirements.


Your advantages:

  • Simple handling because of an own user interface
  • Simultaneous administration of several porting identifications
  • Independence from the used porting system
  • Clear log analyses
  • Parallel operation of FTP and SFTP
  • Configuration of several start times
  • Automatic repetitions in case of disruptions
  • Reduction of link connections
  • Observation of highest security requirements via
    • possible installation on a server in an insecure area (DMZ)
    • no link connection to the internal network
    • Malware cleaner