Athena Routing Server

All quality-assured data from our Porting Data Service (PDS) flows into our central routing server "Athena". The general purpose of "Athena" consists in clearing this data suitable for the switch and in transferring it to the switch. The "Athena" software will be installed as a client as well at the customers' site in order to receive the data from the central "Athena" system.


"Athena" provides a random number of platforms to which specific categories of phone numbers can be related. For example, completed and open portings are stored on different platforms. Porting data which has been corrected by us - so-called "virtual portings" - are stored on a separate platform. Own data of the customer can be stored on further platforms of the "Athena" client as well. The different platforms get different priorities. Via this prioritisation, inconsistent information will be consolidated and adjoining phone number ranges with the same routing destination will be pooled by an automated process. Thus, double entries are prevented and the data volume being transferred to the switch - respectively the IN-platform - can be reduced to a minimum.


The format of the export data being transferred to the switch/IN-platform can be configured individually due to a free definable interface.


Your advantages:

  • Daily synchronisation of the switch with the actual data of the Porting Data Service (PDS) of Enghouse Networks (Germany) GmbH via "Athena" as well as with data of own sources
  • Additional delivery of "virtual portings" (porting information which is automated and – where appropriate – completed with additional information of other carriers
  • Saving of costs concerning transit charges
  • Fast correction in the case of routing mistakes (for example manually via GUI)
  • Fast export of the routing information
  • Pooling of phone number ranges, no double entries and thus a considerably lower data volume
  • Extensive configuration possibilities
  • "Athena" does not depend on ICCS and thus can be used as stand-alone system