Each company, whether telecommunication company (VNB/TNB) or reseller which offers fixed network telephony to end customers, is obliged to contribute to a smooth change of provider (regarding to §46 TA). These so-called "EKPs" have to negotiate the change of provider directly among each other. For this purpose, this is still done via fax, but the market has pushed for the launch of the WBCI method. As several hundreds of companies have to exchange data with each other, it is extremely important to enable each EKP to contact the other EKP directly.


Therefore, a central register is necessary in order to know which and how many EKPs exist and which address and contact person each EKP has denominated. This register (the so-called "Hilfe-Anbieterwechsel-Verzeichnis") has been drafted by the working team of telecommunication providers and producers in Germany (AKNN). Enghouse Carrier-Services has agreed to implement this register and to make it available for the market free of charge. The solution will be activated as EKP Portal in April/May 2014. Each EKP will be admonished to enter – via secured registration process – his own data and contact possibilities with the help of the responsible person. Thanks to this portal, each registered EKP has the possibility to contact other EKPs directly via the correct contact person. For those who want to use the fax method, the direct contact possibilities with the other EKP are listed.


Here is the link to the EKP-Portal: www.ekp-portal.de