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The software products and interfaces from Enghouse Carrier-Services cover the whole chainge of carrier process in the German telecommunication market


Enghouse Carrier-Services is the specialist in the areas of:



In the liberalised German telecommunication market network operators are legally required to exchange a wide range of information both with each other and with public authorities. The specified, often complex communication processes demanded from each network operator necessitate high levels of internal development and expenditure for the installation and management of the required systems and processes.

Enghouse Carrier-Services offers a hosted solution which entirely addresses all these process with its service portfolio WBCI Hosting Service, WITA Hosting Service, S/PRI Hosting Service, ICCS Hosting Service, ACS Hosting Service, SARV / SBV Hosting Service, Portation Data Service.

As part of this, our expert team assumes responsibility for dealing with problematic portation issues from the customer. With this option the investment required to train the customer's own staff can be reduced to a minimum.