Our Team

Our team consists of colleagues who combine specialist expertise in both the telecommunications market and software development. We consider it very important to employ both young and experienced software developers. We offer our customers ergonomic and user-friendly software in which new technologies are constantly being applied. We don't only employ developers who possess a degree in Information Technology - we also provide our own training programme. Training for the MATSE (software developer qualification with mathematics and technology) takes place in-house, combined with a BSc course provided by the RWTH Aachen (a technical university) and the Jülich Research Centre.

Service and support are important areas for us. Fulfilling our service agreements involves not only continuous updating of our ICCS product, but also on-going hotline support for our customers as a matter of course. Through this we achieve high customer satisfaction.


Since we not only offer licensed use of our ICCS, but also operate it for our customers, we have a special team dedicated to this. The members of this team are familiar with the processes of phone number assignment and porting, and are highly capable contacts should problems arise.